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 Hairs 2 U Wig Bank, incorporated as a 501 (C)(3) not-for-profit organization, addresses the needs of  women and children with illnesses and treatment-related hair loss  

Renowned for our hands-on, empathetic approach, within six years, our former LLC for-profit organization, Lois A. Wig Boutique, became a pillar of strength and support within cancer and hair loss community in Philadelphia County. Our foundation is one of the leading advocates of hair and wig education and has successfully set a new precedent to the sensitive process of addressing hair loss. As Hairs 2 U Wig Bank, it is our goal to expand our reach and go even further. We will provide assistance to uninsured and underinsured women, and children affected by illnesses that cause hair loss. We endeavor not only to provide free of charge wigs and education in their specialized care and maintenance, but also to give our clientele the opportunity to regain their confidence and dignity in the face of their difficult journeys through our one-on-one personal wig and hair covering consultations featuring selection, customization, and education.

Another important goal for our corporation is to become a truly accessible resource throughout the Philadelphia and surrounding counties. Hairs 2 U Wig Bank works closely with several hospitals to provide seminars on understanding hair loss and the practice of proper and effective wig care. To maximize our reach, Hairs 2 U Wig Bank also allies with social agencies that give women the assistance necessary to help get them back on their feet and reintegrate into the workforce. Cancer Centers of America states, “Studies have suggested that addressing psychological and spiritual health (including mood, attitudes, self-image, and outlook) can help in the [physical and mental] recovery process from cancer and other forms of diseases.“ By acquiring wigs and providing them for an audience that would otherwise be unable to access this resource, Hairs 2 U Wig Bank will become part of the recovery process.


The founder and CEO, Lois Arnold, has over forty years of experience in cosmetology, 32 years as a small business owner, and six years in wig sales. Due to her personal familial experiences with cancer, we at Hairs 2 U Wig Bank are in the unique position of understanding the devastation of hair loss. In our experience, cancer and illnesses have no respect for the people they burden. Sickness does not take care to kindly avoid small children, or senior citizens, or adults in their prime. It hits and it devastates. Together we can take steps to move forward and become part of the cure.







We cannot prevent it, but we can become part of the cure.

We deeply hope you will choose to join us by becoming a supporter of our great endeavor.

To expand our services in this manner, Hairs 2 U Wig Bank humbly ask for a donation

 from you or your organization.

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