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Lois Arnold - Cheif Executive Officer

I recently celebrated 50 years as a licensed cosmetologist. For most of those years, I owned a salon. I delighted in supporting other cosmetologists and caring for my customers.

Now, I am the founder and CEO of Hairs 2 U Wig Bank. I bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to those who wear wigs because they need to or because they want to.

For some people this means fitting them with the perfect wig from my commercial suppliers.

For others, it means cutting those wigs to give them just the right look.

For those who might need or want it, it means crafting unique hairpieces they can’t find anywhere else.

For all my clients, it means my skill helps pick the perfect style and color to fit their skin tone and personality.

I also specialize in the needs of those with medical problems like cancer, alopecia, premature balding and hair thinning. They have very special needs that I understand. In fact, I teach about this type of special care at local hospitals. Regardless of how they feel about their appearance when they come to me, they always leave feeling more confident and ready to meet the world.

I understand the devastation of hair loss. That is why I treat each client in a loving way and treat them with the dignity they deserve as a beauty in this world. I feel privileged to see joy return to their lives when they feel most vulnerable.

I understand the work of experts in Mind-Body Medicine and their view that every part our life is important. I believe that my work to help my clients look and feel better is part of that medicine. I believe improving how they look physically improves emotional and spiritual health as well. I believe it benefits their  mood, attitudes, recovery and outlook.

It’s easy for me to believe. I’ve seen it happen.

Michele Nathan - Vice President

Is a licensed cosmetologist with over fifteen years in the business, she is the proprietor of the Pink Lady Hair Studio and a college graduate. She has a good understanding of the devastation of hair loss and has created many alternative solutions for her clients with balding or thinning hair.

Raynetta Adams - Secretary


Has over 20 years of experience in Community Health and is an expert in HIPAA Compliance and Credentialing.

Edward Wilson - Treasurer

Bishop Edward Wilson is the pastor and founder of Living Word Ministries. He is an accomplished writer and has published four books.
He has served Winslow Township, Monroe Township, and the surrounding communities for the past 29 years on the board of directors of A.B L. E.Because of their love for education, Bishop and Lady Ann established Finest Of The Wheat Christian Academy.  Living Word Ministries also sponsors food, clothing, and gifts to those in need.

David Lee Denny - Board Member

Is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who has always had an interest in the field of research science and allopathic medicine. David suffered from health challenges regarding obesity and hypertension. When David was seventeen years of age, he weighed 430 pounds. After other health complications, he was obedient to his wake up call and devoted part of his life to eating healthy, exercising, and encouraging others who are obese to change their lifestyles. Since then, he has lost 200 pounds and has kept the weight off for several years.  David graduated from Tuskegee University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. During his undergraduate and post-graduate career, David was given the opportunity to participate in a few research and clinical experience programs. Among these include shadowing physicians in Temple University Hospital Burn Intensive Care Unit (BICU), Einstein Hospital of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. David was also mentored by Dr. Frank James, chief of Cardiology, at Einstein Hospital of Philadelphia.  With regard to his research experience, David completed Integrative Physiology Research at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, under the direction of principal investigator Dr. Joan Carroll. The project, in particular, investigated the effects of obesity on blood volume. He also worked with Dr. Kenneth Rothstein, who is a board-certified, hepatologist, investigating the parameters of Hepatitis B. in different ethnic populations. Currently, David works in Biomedical Physiological Research.

Janelle Bolds - Board member

Is a member of the board committee of Hairs 2 U Wig Bank. She has achieved many honors including a Bachelors of Science from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters of Education from Eastern University. She currently is employed as an English as a Second Language Teacher at Temple University.

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