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Lois Arnold

Founder & CEO

I recently celebrated 50 years as a licensed cosmetologist. For most of those years, I owned a salon. I delighted in supporting other cosmetologists and caring for my customers. Now, I am the founder and CEO of Hairs 2 U Wig Bank. I bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to those who wear wigs because they need to or because they want to. For some people, this means fitting them with the perfect wig from my commercial suppliers. For others, it means cutting their wigs to give them just the right look. For those who might need or want it, it means crafting unique hairpieces they can’t find anywhere else.


For all my clients, it means my skill helps pick the perfect style and color to fit their skin tone and personality.

I also specialize in the needs of those with medical problems like cancer, alopecia, premature balding, and hair thinning. They have very special needs that I understand. In fact, I teach about this type of special care at local hospitals. Regardless of how they feel about their appearance when they come to me, they always leave feeling more confident and ready to meet the world. I understand the devastation of hair loss. That is why I treat each client in a loving way and with the dignity they deserve as beauty in this world. I feel privileged to see joy return to their lives when they feel most vulnerable.

I understand the work of experts in Mind-Body & Spirit Medicine and their view that every part of our being is important. I believe that my work to help my clients looking and feeling better is part of that medicine. I believe improving how they look physically improves emotional and spiritual health as well. I believe it benefits their mood, attitudes, recovery, and outlook.

It’s easy for me to believe. I’ve seen it happen.

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