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  • What is the procedure for buying a wig?
    Find a store where a consultant can assist you in your choice and how to put it on properly. They can also answer questions about color choice, wig selection, or proper fitting.
  • How many kinds of wigs are there?
    There are human hair and synthetic fiber wigs that come in different configurations and styles. There are Suction Wigs, Machine-made Wigs, Petite Wigs, Monofilament Wigs, Full Lace Wigs, Lace Front Wigs, and Custom-made Wigs.
  • What is better for thinning hair, a Topper or a Wig?"
    Toppers have to be put on in the same place every time you put it on; this will cause more hair loss in that area and, over time, pull out the hair follicle, and the hair will not grow back. ​ A wig is much more protective of your hair and will not promote hair loss or damage.
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