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The “Eye of the Beholder” Matters

Notice the halos?

Chances are, if others see them as confident, that’s a halo she’ll wear for the rest of her life.

It will serve them well because beauty pays.

Confident people are more likely to be employed, to date and to marry. And you know what else? Over the course of a lifetime, earn $230,000 more.

We see confident people – and, as studies have shown, women who wear make-up – as more able, trustworthy, cooperative, talented, kind, honest, and intelligent. Even when interviewers claim they are not biased by how candidates look, they are. For that reason, confident candidates fare better in job interviews.

  • Confident people sell more products.

  • Confident college students get better grades.

  • Confident college professors get better student ratings.

  • Confident children get breaks. They teachers are kinder to them, view them as smart, and are more likely to ignore disruptive behavior.

  • Confident NFL quarterbacks make $300,000 more than their performance statistics would otherwise suggest.

People make near-instant, unconscious judgments about others based on appearance. If you doubt that, watch the initial reactions to Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent. Then notice the transformation as she sings. Neither the audience nor the judges believed such a beautiful voice could come from someone who did not look the part.

What’s more, combine beauty with style, social skills and charm and the benefits at school or at work are even greater. What’s more, the benefits endure as we age.

Although your health and some physical features determine whether others perceive you as attractive, personal grooming and attire go a long way toward helping you look good.

That’s an important thing to keep in mind at this season of the year as the back-to-school and back-to-work season approaches. Lots of us will be out shopping for ourselves, for the children in our care or with friends.

Working remote or have kids studying from home? You need to look good, too. It matters.

Confidence pays. In some studies, it pays more than education.

Let us help you build on your already great confidence.


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