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Monetary Donations

Monetary donations are graciously accepted and directly benefit the Hairs2U mission. These funds are used to secure wigs to donate to uninsured and under-served women and children with illnesses that cause hair loss. All donations are one hundred percent tax-exempt and we will provide you a letter for your taxes

Donations may be made by check or money order made payable to  "Hairs 2 U Wig Bank." we also accept all major credit and debit cards.


If you are making a donation in someone's honor, please include the name and address of that person and they will receive an acknowledgment note.

Wig Donations

Live, Give, Love & Encourage!

Hairs 2 U Wig Bank also accepts new and unused wigs. If you would like to donate wigs to support our mission, we will highly appreciate them; we ask that all wigs are in boxes and have original tag if at all possible.

You may also pick out a wig from our wig catalog and purchase it we will donate in your name to a less fortunate individual who suffers from an illness that causes hair loss and cannot afford a wig.

For your donation, Hairs 2 U will send you a formal letter of appreciation and tax exemption from our organization. 



Follow us to keep up with upcoming events and also to see what you missed. Be a part of our event planning team by sending us your ideas and suggestions.

If you would like to give us a fundraiser event, please contact us and we will welcome your support and give you or your organization a letter of thanks and tax exemption.


We are better together!

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