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We are excited to announce:

 Our New Location

 616 S. 4TH ST   Philadelphia Pa. 19147  


Text - 856-504 6998

You may text us a picture in advances


We value your business and we are fully committed to fulfilling our mission, of helping women with illnesses that cause hair loss with a wig donation.

Continue to follow us closely for updates and subscribe to our webpage for sales and new products. 

We are updating our website with new wigs and items as well as deleting discontinued items. 


 Special Discount 

All Estetica Design Wigs are 10% off

Military Discount

10% Off In Store Only!

Senior Citizen Discounts First Week of  the Month.

10% Off In Store Only!

Clearance Sale!

Check back for our Coupon Codes 

Zoom Consultations!

Hairs 2 U is now offering you wig education and wig fitting classes face to face in your own home with a one on one experience.

We will answer all your questions and help you with:

  • Wearing and putting your wig on properly.

  • How to restyle and achieve the look you are going for.

  • Learn the differences between cleaning and maintenance for Human hair or Synthetic Wigs.

Price Match!

By buying your wig from us, you will be helping our mission to provide more wigs to patients.

If you know the company name, the color of the wig, and style name, we will price match and send.  We do not accept returns or refund price match sales.

Please support our mission.



Whether it's been visiting hospitals, having our Annual Wig Walks (pictured on the left is from 2019), Women Supporting Women Breast Cancer Event at the Abrasens Cancer treatment Center (pictured on the right), or any other events throughout the year

Hairs 2 U supports its community!

Please support our mission by coming to or planning an event!




"While in the hospital a third of my hair had to be shaved off.  Although I was thankful to be discharged, after being hospitalized for a week and recovering from the traumatic events that lead up to it, I was not feeling very confident and with most of my hair missing I really did not feel attractive. Having had no previous experience with wigs I was not sure where to start.  After reading a review on Yelp, the Chemo Cap Store sounded like the perfect place to begin my introduction.  From the minute I walked into the store, Lois the owner, made me feel welcomed and comfortable.  She took away any of the embarrassment and shame I had been feeling about my appearance and made the whole process of choosing a wig delightfully fun.  She sat me down, tied up what remaining hair I had underneath a stocking cap, and began to try on all sorts of different styles.  Each successive wig was better than the next.  The whole experience was exciting and enjoyable.  I began to feel beautiful for the first time in a long time.  She suggested one wig and the moment she put it on me I knew it was the one.  I have never felt more confident or alive than I do now.  Lois has the unique ability to change people's lives and she does so with grace, humility, and compassion."

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